At DKR Accountants smaller companies have access to a team of committed and experienced specialists that would be otherwise unaffordable, while larger businesses can rest assured that they get a team that can take care of their every need. Our team is committed to helping all of our clients to acquire the right mix of accounting functions. This enables our clients to focus on their business and have peace of mind that all their accounting is taken care of by DKR Accountants.

We can assist with your choice of accounting system given our extensible experience of testing packages over the years and do not go with the philosophy that “one size fits all”. As part of the accounts process there are many elements to be covered, some of which are listed below.

  • Bookkeeping assistance
  • VAT compliance
  • Management accounts
  • Annual accounts
  • Cashflow projections
  • Business planning

The framework for the statutory audit

The purpose of the statutory audit is to provide an independent opinion to the shareholders on the truth and fairness of the financial statements, whether they have been properly prepared in accordance with the Companies Act 2006, and to report by exception to the shareholders on the other requirements of company law such as where, in the auditors’ opinion, proper accounting records have not been kept. Directors are delegated responsibility for managing the affairs of the company and the audit is an important mechanism that helps owners of companies assess the stewardship of directors, and in so doing provides an important stimulus for directors to place a proper emphasis on their fiduciary responsibilities.

The purpose of financial statements

In seeking to articulate the purpose of the statutory audit, it is also important to consider the purpose of financial statements. Having considered the current UK legal framework, DKR would support a definition which is founded on stewardship and places greater emphasis on decision usefulness.

Auditing and assurance services

Our audits aim to provide quality, integrity, technical excellence, exceptional service and a broad understanding of both financial and non-financial factors. We approach your audit with an understanding of your business, the industry in which you operate, helping you deliver value confidently through transparency of your reporting to stakeholders.

Some of our clients seek audit or assurance for regulatory or constitutional reasons, others because they seek the comfort of external assurance over their accounts. At DKR, we can provide these services as your auditors, independent examiners or assurance providers through our registration with ICAEW ensuring a quality service without paying large firm prices.

Our services include:

• Statutory audits

• Voluntary audits

• UK subsidiaries

• Charities and not for profit

• Pension scheme audits

• SRA Accounts Rules

• Grant audits

We also provide

• Independent examinations for companies, charities and not for profit organisations

• Assurance reports on company accounts

Audits Service

As part of our audit process we aim to summarise our audit approach, highlight significant audit risks and areas of key judgements and provide you with the details of our audit team. It is a fundamental requirement that an auditor is, and is seen to be, independent of its clients and some key points noted the heading Independence below summarises our considerations and conclusions on our independence as auditors.

We value two-way communication with yourselves and we prepare an Audit Strategy Memorandum document, which is prepared following our initial planning discussions with management, as being the basis for a discussion through which we can also understand your expectations.


We are required by the Financial Reporting Council to confirm to you at least annually in writing that we comply with the Auditing Practices Board’s Ethical Standards. In addition, we communicate any matters or relationship which we believe may have a bearing on our independence or the objectivity of the audit team.

We have policies and procedures in place which are designed to ensure that we carry out our work with integrity, objectivity and independence.

We wish to confirm that in our professional judgement, as at the date of this document, we are independent and comply with UK regulatory and professional requirements.

Audit scope

Our audit approach is designed to provide you with an audit that complies with all professional requirements. Our audit of the financial statements will be conducted in accordance with International Standards of Auditing (UK and Ireland) and in accordance with the terms of our engagement. Our work is focused on those aspects of your business which we consider to have a higher risk of material misstatement such as those impacted by management judgement and estimation, application of new accounting standards, changes of accounting policy, changes to operations or areas which have been found to contain material errors in the past.

Audit approach

Our audit approach is a risk based approach primarily driven by the risks we consider resulting in a higher risk of material misstatement of the financial statements. Once we have completed our risk assessment, we develop our audit strategy and design audit procedures in response to this assessment. The work undertaken will include a combination of the following as appropriate:

• Testing of internal controls;

• Substantive analytical procedures; and

• Detailed substantive testing.

If we conclude that appropriately designed controls are in place, then we may plan to test and rely upon these controls. If we decide controls are not appropriately designed, or we decide it would be more efficient to do so, we may take a wholly substantive approach to our audit testing.

Our audit will be planned and performed so as to provide reasonable assurance that the financial statements are free of material misstatement and give a true and fair view.

Significant risks and key judgement areas

In addition, we meet with management as part of the audit planning process to discuss the risks that, in management’s opinion, the business faces and have considered the impact on our audit risk. The risks that we identify as significant for the purpose of our audit are the risks of material misstatement that in our judgement require special audit consideration.

Our advisor’s help you to achieve your aims. We can help you to set goals and identify a plan of action to achieve them. Whether a new business starting out or an established concern looking to expand our team can help you. We can advise on the type of structure to use, assist in preparing business plans, cashflows and forecasts to help raise finance, as well as helping with internal accounting reviews to monitor progress. We act for a wide variety of businesses – it is likely that we have already advised a business similar to yours. With our help you can concentrate on successfully running and growing your business with the knowledge that we are on hand to provide assistance and deal with many of the day to day matters as required.

At DKR we have a dedicated team of experts who understand that Tax Investigations can be extremely stressful and time consuming.

Our Tax Investigation specialists aim to provide you with fantastic specialist advice to minimise stress and anxiety that an HMRC investigation may too often cause. We endeavour to resolve tax investigations in the most efficient and cost effective manner whilst minimising your tax exposure wherever possible.

Our dedicated specialists have in depth knowledge from working on the other side and can therefore deal with any type of enquiry in a manner that is best practice. Our team have an excellent success rate at ensuring clients are not left open to exposure, ensuring we minimise potential tax and levies.

We operate on the basis that every customer receives the highest levels of professional representation, service, courtesy and value for money.

Payroll has now over the years become a more complex task and the penalties for making mistakes or getting it wrong are becoming more stringent. At DKR Accountants we have a specialist team who deal exclusively with this function and have a good in-depth knowledge of Statutory Sick Pay, Maternity, Paternity, Student Loans, Directors National Insurance and much more. We will ensure that your business always complies with the current legislation. DKR Accountants ensure we are always up-to-date with all changes in current legislation.

DKR Accountants offer a full payroll services including:

  • A dedicated payroll team
  • Flexible on Payroll Sizes, small or large we can cater for
  • Payrolls done according to your requirements, Weekly, Monthly or Fortnightly
  • Always liaising with HMRC
  • Receiving data by any method
  • Experience in many industries
  • Prompt processing
  • Standard reports

There is no such thing as a good tax – Winston Churchill

Whatever our circumstances, most of us share certain goals, such as making our money work harder, securing a comfortable retirement and minimising the tax burden when passing assets to the next generation.

We provide a clear financial plan for our clients and work closely with them, reviewing progress and overcoming any barriers to allow them to meet their goals by utilising available tax efficiencies and reducing investment and financial risks wherever possible.

In order to further strengthen our taxation services we work closely with an award winning national tax boutique. As a result our clients can rest assured that they are always receiving a specialist service. As a result we can offer the following areas of particular expertise.

  • Business incorporations, cash extraction and dividend strategies.
  • Corporate acquisitions and disposals.
  • Employee share schemes and options (including EMI options).
  • Management buy-outs.
  • Share buy-backs.
  • Property taxes and SDLT.
  • Capital Allowances.
  • Corporate reconstructions and demergers.
  • Succession planning of owner managers.
  • Inheritance tax planning and effective use of trusts (both onshore and offshore).
  • UK resident foreign domiciliaries and UK property holding structures.
  • Image right structuring.
  • Withholding tax planning.

DKR Accountants tax solutions are tailored to fit in with your business and personal objectives and strategy. The climate for tax planning has changed since the last decade. The times of aggressive tax schemes are now obsolete and these days it is more important to seek the right type of tax advice for your business to succeed. We attempt to ensure that our clients never pay more tax than they should but at the same time we do not support artificial schemes.

DKR Accountants find that tax works best as part of a complete approach to financial management. We create sensible, effective procedures to maximise your tax efficiencies and minimise liabilities. Our taxation team works alongside our other specialists so that company tax planning can be planned effectively. Our team prides itself in being commercially aware tax advisers.

Our advisory service looks at businesses at every stage of their life-cycle, including:

  • Start-ups
  • Investment and growth
  • Acquisitions and disposals
  • Raising finance
  • Succession planning

We provide a complete range of taxation services, we take a proactive approach to taxation, providing our clients with appropriate advice to enable them to make informed decisions on the tax aspects of particular business transactions or planning strategies. Some of our taxation services include:

  • Personal tax return completion
  • Personal tax planning and wealth management
  • Inheritance tax planning
  • Offshore tax matters and non UK residency
  • Corporate tax returns
  • Corporate tax planning and efficient extraction of profits
  • Tax efficient corporate structures
  • PAYE compliance and health checks
  • P11D completion and advice
  • VAT return completion and advice

We work with one of the country’s leading Tax Boutiques to deliver expertise that is not readily available in local firms.

As UK and EU VAT law and rules are constantly changing it is essential that business have access to up to date help and advice to manage their VAT compliance issues. Our VAT team and network of individuals has a wealth of experience in these matters gained from working in HMRC and Big 4 accountancy firms and are therefore ideally placed to provide VAT advice ranging from compliance issues to more complex commercial transactions including:

  • Land and Property Transactions
  • Partial Exemption and Capital Goods Scheme issues
  • Cross Border and International Supplies of Goods and Services
  • HMRC Investigations, Disputes and Appeals
  • Input and Output VAT issues

To really find out what we can do for you, why not contact us for a free consultation.
We will visit your premises and spend the time to understand how it all works.

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